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If you're going for an RP-made plastic model, the complexity of the part
should have little or no bearing on the cost of the model (- apart from
clean up times.) Unlike conventional manufacturing (like injection moulding,
for example), the additive manufacturing techniques are unique in that they
do not distinguish complexity, so effectively you can get the shape for
free - the main factors influencing cost are build volume and build height.

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Many many thanks to this list for being so useful when it came to finding out some information about having a model made up.

However, an observation rather than a moan... whilst I understand that the complexity of the part and accuracy we require will steer the cost of the model, also that I was extremely vauge about my description of the part. I have recieved "ball park" figures ranging from $275 USD to $6000 USD! Quite a spread wouldn't you say? Admittedly the cheapest quotes were for polystyrene with a hard (durable?) coating and also as below 3DP (is this the same technique?), rather than a true resin or plastic model.

The bulk of quotes however fell into the $600-700USD range.. and so I'll assume that these are something close to where we would end up.

I had a couple of quotes that were "1000-2000 USD" and also some at "5000-6000USD".. although these ("fantasy quotes" as I perhaps incorrectly duped them) could well be extremely accurate and from companies that are well versed in the complexity of these type of castings that we are working with. I am also aware that as a consequence, a $600 model may not be more than $600 worth of modelling on a part that should perhaps have had $6000 spent on it.

I understand that for an accurate (real) quotation then all of you very kind vendors would want to see the model first.

As I mentioned previously, I wanted a "ball park" figure; I can safely say that I have that now! I will take it up at the next meeting and see pass it on to the next level of command here!

Anyway, I wish to thank the list for the information (no more quotes now please) and I may be in touch with some of you once we have decided a course of action.

Many thanks,


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Sounds like good fit for 3DP. Low cost and fast if all you want is a hardcopy model. Send me the file and I will shoot you a price. It is usually less than half the cost of any other process.


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Hi list,

I'll admit to being a bit of a lurker here and must also admit that I find this list interesting and informative.

I am working with a jet motor casing and one of our programmers has asked why he cannot have a plastic model sitting on his desk to aid with problem solving and so on.

The actual casing that we are working with is over 1 meter in diamter, but I imagine that a model at 1/4 scale would be handy and probably what he wants.

To total size of the model would therefore be around 300mm diamter and 300mm high.

Is this enough information to get a ball park figure for costing....??

What are we talking about.. $100..... $1000..... $10 000 ??

Many thanks,


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