RE: Urgent response by Marcus Garvin

From: De Beer, Deon (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 00:41:30 EEST

Hi Elaine

I guess there is more "innovative" ways to make money than doing prototyping.

Unfortunately this list is now also the target of fraud. Believe me, I have been receiving email from as far as nairobe, carrying more or less the same message - just a different country/different person. Worst is, as yiou rightfully mentioned, some people do fall for such scams.

I guess my government would not have mind to have this kind of money available to pay national debts - what a joke.


Deon de Beer

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Subject: Re: Urgent response by Marcus Garvin

You guys might laugh but according to this week's news these people have
been so successful that they are repackaging this scam and making even more
money on it.

Can you believe they interviewed some lady from ??? who actually gave
these folks over 400K? If you go visit these guys post their address. I am
sure some of the good old boys from ??? want to visit them also.


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