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Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 04:02:46 EEST

A lot of clients fail to realize that orientation of the part in the build
chamber is an important aspect in costing and part quality. Rarely does a
client specify that they want a part built a certain way. Also, not all
business is good business. If a potential client takes longer to pay, has
bad credit, is overly picky regardless of price or if the SB is to busy to
take on more work, the stl file requires a lot of fixing, the pricing may
vary widely even from the same SB. You may get a better price then the guy
next door for the same part.

Lets be realistic, we will never see a "market rate". After all, this is not
a commodity you can buy off the shelf. So many issues need to be considered.
I find it hard to believe that so many are still struggling with this price
thing. Lets remember that Mikey only wanted a part to pass around and aid in
problem solving. Maybe plastic/resin is not what he really needs. This is a
prime example of where added value is not being accounted for? More dialog
is needed to compare Apples to Apples. SB's who only want to sell what they
offer or what is most profitable for them to sell, should be avoided in this



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On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Billett Mike wrote:
> However, an observation rather than a moan... whilst I understand
> that the complexity of the part and accuracy we require will steer
> the cost of the model, also that I was extremely vauge about my
> description of the part. I have recieved "ball park" figures ranging
> from $275 USD to $6000 USD! Quite a spread wouldn't you say?

On the high side, but wide spreads do seem to be typical of the field.
Just the other day I had a model quoted by several companies - in each
case exactly the same part, built with the same machine, without any
postprocessing - and got back figures ranging from $450 to over $1200.

One has the feeling that many RP users are not price-conscious, and
that as a result some companies operate in fantasy-land.

All one can do is avoid them and hope the market shakes down
eventually. It's all very well for situations where there is a lot of
craftsmanship, but in cases where build hours are a fungible commodity
- any working machine is as good as any other - sooner or later a
market rate should emerge.


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