SLA - Viper Issues

From: Patwa jeevan (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 09:02:05 EEST

Dear List,

I am very much surprised that none from 3D Systems
experts made any clarification on the issues. Also
very few users of SLA / Viper made thier
comments.Hence I am posting this query again and
expect that people will respond to this.

Issues are following:

1. Laser Optics replacement: 3D systems gives the
warranty of 7500 hrs for their laser optics.After that
the whole laer optics need to be changed which costs
around $50,000.This is pretty costly affair to change
whole laser optics.Recently 3D systems claim that
there is no need to change the whole laser optics, but
it can be repaired in parts.IS THIS TRUE?

2. Laser Age: As laser gets old the speed gets
reduced.That means the speed of laser is inversaly
proportonal to the life of laser.As its get older,
speed reduces.IS THIS TRUE and what is this factor of
proportionality.By what percetage it gets reduced?

3. Resin Contamination: After 30-40 runs the whole wat
of resin needs to be replaced due to contamination.It
cause a great loss of material.IS THIS TRUE?

Any comment on this would be greatly appreciated,


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