RE: Price idea for a resin/plastic model

From: Billett Mike (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 09:28:09 EEST

>Lets remember that Mikey only wanted a part to pass around and aid in
>problem solving.

Which is exactly why I don't need a Mercedes Benz :-)

>Maybe plastic/resin is not what he really needs.

To be fair, and bearing in mind my lack of RP knowledge, the two quotes I had at under $300 were for polystyrene rather than resin or plastic models.

However on the resin/plastic front, the price did range from $600 to $6000. I did make it clear that I only wanted a ball park figure for something representitive to pass around... just to see if there was space for the wife, kids and dog!

I'm sorry that I stirred up a hornets nest....

Once again though, thanks very much to all who have given advice.

I guess the moral of the story is.. to shop around before deciding.. and don't let the camel-hair-coat-man see how fat your wallet is! ;-)


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