Materialise releases Magics 8

Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 15:07:37 EEST

Materialise releases Magics 8: a wide range of novelties on customer request
Materialise, industry leading developer of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid
Tooling software, releases Magics 8, the latest version of its renown STL
handling software. This new release proves once again that Materialise is
listening closely to its customers' feedback! Magics' users have suggested
the majority of the novelties presented in Magics 8. An extensive set of new
and enhanced functions intensify Magics' ease-of-use and speed. Enhanced
support generation, smart algorithms, extended document generation
capabilities, more flexible fixture creation and manipulation, a special
module to increase the productivity of LOM machines, upgraded visualisation
options: all of these contribute to the increased advantages of using
Magics. That's because this brand new version, like its predecessors, will
enable its users to complete their projects more quickly and effectively.

It can't be denied... Magics 8 proves its worth as a major update as it
provides a lot of added value for professional users. The novelties in
Magics 8 include:


* Enhancements to the support generation module:



* Newly developed perforated (rectangular shaped) support structures
that allow quicker draining of resin and that require less material and less



* Option to fragment large block supports resulting in smaller blocks
of support that can be removed more easily and safely



* Extended surface and editing functions increasing the user's



* Faster, more powerful STL manipulation:



* 'Unify' tool to easily remove self-intersections



* New repairing functionality like a 'small triangle remover',
improved 'fill all holes' function and intelligent algorithms that fix bad
3D CAD files during import before converting them to STL.



* New cutting options: 'cylinder cut' and 'profile cut'



* Creation of self-extracting MGX files allowing to send highly
compressed STL files to anyone without them needing a Magics to open the



* Local triangle smoothing and local triangle reduction



* Capability to attach a User Co-ordinate System to the STL file



* Zoom via mouse wheel



* Calculator



* Upgraded visualisation, smoother rendering and new animation



* Option to show extended - and improved - part selection list in
right menu bar



* Extended document generation functionality: generation of RapidFit
reports and extended parameter list



* Enhanced RapidFit module:



* Base plate management: simply drag base plates, save sets of base



* Collision detection


Magics 8 also includes a brand new module: the OptiLOM module, especially
designed to maximise the use of LOM machines. Rapid prototypers working with
LOM will reap huge benefits from its innovative technology to create a kind
of mould with the waste material. Since cross-hatching waste material is no
longer necessary, the OptiLOM user saves laser time as well as time spent in
removing waste material.

You would like to read more detailed information? Please consult the
Materialise Gazette, volume 3, 2002 at the Materialise web site:

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