Re: SLA - Viper Issues

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 15:14:11 EEST

At 11:02 PM 10/15/2002 -0700, Patwa jeevan wrote:
>After thatthe whole laer optics need to be changed which costs
>around $50,000.This is pretty costly affair to change
>whole laser optics.Recently 3D systems claim that
>there is no need to change the whole laser optics, but
>it can be repaired in parts.IS THIS TRUE?

I paid about 22k to get the optics replaced on my older SLA 250 so this
price seems about right.
It would seem that the whole optic system could be replaced in parts rather
than the whole thing but when ours was replaced they did the whole thing.
Something about it is tuned or something to that effect.

>2. Laser Age: As laser gets old the speed gets
>reduced.That means the speed of laser is inversaly
>proportonal to the life of laser.As its get older,
>speed reduces.IS THIS TRUE and what is this factor of
>proportionality.By what percetage it gets reduced?

With the old laser this is true... my 39mw laser is not at about 20mw.. I
am not sure about how the new laser systems hold up. Ask a laser company
this question. they can give you specs on their lasers.

>3. Resin Contamination: After 30-40 runs the whole wat
>of resin needs to be replaced due to contamination.It
>cause a great loss of material.IS THIS TRUE?

Well......... I have SLA-250 which was the seventh built in 1988 sooooooooo
since it was installed here the only resin change has been done WHEN we
wanted it changed not when it was contaminated.. I can count resin changes
in our machine on two hands and still have fingers left over.

Hope this helps


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