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Wow, I now apologize for giving you a fair answer to your vague request.
The pricing I offered had nothing to do with the information that was
included in your email address. Now, I am being called rather colorful
names (I think I left my camel hair coat in my '80's closet) and you
don't even know me, or my company for that matter.

Please feel free to evaluate ALL of the offers you received and take the
one that appears to be the best value for YOU, that is what a free
market is all about. I am sure that in this market with our outrageous
pricing, we'll be out of business soon and we will find that the SEVEN+
years we have been serving the market with RP services was just a sham.

BTW - the last time I looked - Volvo wasn't exactly the cheapest on the
block either, yet you make "commodity" products.


Scott Killian
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>Lets remember that Mikey only wanted a part to pass around and aid in
>problem solving.

Which is exactly why I don't need a Mercedes Benz :-)

>Maybe plastic/resin is not what he really needs.

To be fair, and bearing in mind my lack of RP knowledge, the two quotes
I had at under $300 were for polystyrene rather than resin or plastic

However on the resin/plastic front, the price did range from $600 to
$6000. I did make it clear that I only wanted a ball park figure for
something representitive to pass around... just to see if there was
space for the wife, kids and dog!

I'm sorry that I stirred up a hornets nest....

Once again though, thanks very much to all who have given advice.

I guess the moral of the story is.. to shop around before deciding.. and
don't let the camel-hair-coat-man see how fat your wallet is! ;-)


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