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Informative Graphics Extends 3D Product Line with Innovative 3D
Compression Technology

Informative Graphics and 3D Compression Technologies, Inc. Announce
Licensing Agreement

PHOENIX, Ariz. - October 10, 2002 - Informative Graphics Corp. (IGC), a
leading manufacturer of Web collaboration software, and 3D Compression
Technologies, Inc. (3DCT), a company providing component technology for
3D data compression, today announced a licensing agreement to integrate
3DCompress into Informative Graphics' 3D Web publishing products.

Through years of research, 3DCT has developed complex mathematical
algorithms to achieve unprecedented compression rates at 70% to 98% of
the original model size. The end-result is high scalability and
exceptional performance, which will enable IGC to create a publishing
paradigm that preprocesses 3D data for secure, Web-based distribution
and viewing. By focusing on compression and not server-side streaming,
IGC can deliver a truly scalable and easy-to-deploy system for large 3D
data sets typically found in CAD assemblies. Streaming requires
server-intensive computing that degrades rapidly under load and requires
the user to always be on-line to do visualization.

"Our agreement with 3DCompress signals a new advancement for Web-based
content and is an important part of our overall future product
strategy," said Gary Heath, CEO and President of IGC. "Although the
benefits of 3D visualization are well understood, it isn't widely
deployed, primarily due to the sheer size of the data files, the
concerns over granting access to editable native CAD files and the
cost-per-seat of 3D software. 3DCT compression is a key component in
addressing all of these issues and making 3D on the Web truly

Dr. Anshuman Razdan, CEO of 3DCT added, "High compression ratios and
fast decompression with a small memory footprint is the key to making 3D
data ubiquitous on the web and mobile devices and 3DCT's technology
achieves just that. We are very excited to be partnered with Informative
Graphics to extend this core value for downstream CAD usage. It is clear
that both companies share the vision of making 3D on the web more of a
reality - not because it is just 'cool' but because it is useful."

IGC's soon-to-be-released ModelPress 3D Web System will utilize 3DCT's
compression technology to shrink large 3D models when converting them to
IGC's ISF file format. Initial testing results show significant
performance improvements regarding transfer and load times, especially
on low bandwidth network connections.

About 3D Compression Technologies, Inc.

3D Compression Technologies, Inc. (3DCT) is a privately held company
located in Phoenix, Arizona. 3DCT founders have been conducting 3D
modeling and data compression research for the past four years and
formed the company in January 2001. The innovative blend of academics,
software engineers, and business professionals make 3DCT products
versatile, stable, resilient and relevant to many industry applications,
including manufacturing, medical, electronic gaming, engineering and
research. The company maintains a Web site at

About Informative Graphics

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), founded in 1990, is a leading
developer of commercial software products for Web publishing,
visualization, and collaboration. IGC products are renowned for their
cost-saving value, ease-of-use, features and scalability. With its
products deployed by hundreds of corporations, OEM partners, and service
providers worldwide, IGC is an international company maintaining offices
in the United States and Europe, as well as key distribution partners in
Japan, Asia and Latin America. The company maintains a Web site at


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