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Hello Bob,
I have probably very few answers in this field.. have been a lurker until last week when I spawned a rather colourful (at times) but informative exchange on pricing for Rp parts..
Seeing that you have lots of experience with polyurethane.. I got to thinking whether you or anyone here on the list knows anything about Micro Cellular Urethane, sometimes known as MCU's in the Mountainbike industry and is (was) used as a suspension spring unit with some inherant damping charactaristics. I believe that it was filled with tiny nitrogen bubbles to aid it's functionality.
The MCU bumpers were available in differing hardnesses for different bike set-ups and rider weights. However.. years of sunshine have pretty much killed them off on all the bikes out there, and a friend of mine has often asked me whether it would be possible to have any made?
Anyone have any ideas about these.. this is a private question and nothing at all to do with my work or company that work for. So answer only during your coffee breaks please!
Best Regards,
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Hi! I am a new list member, and would like to hear from those who are in the liquid resin field. Have been doing this for 20 + years, working with polyurethane, and epoxies.
We are a job shop, primarily for the medical industry. I may have some answers, and sure do have lots of questions.

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