need advise with Resin SG95 MCP

From: Andrey Falaleev (
Date: Tue Oct 22 2002 - 15:36:44 EEST

Hello List,
I need advise of vakuum castings experts. Help please.

We have many bubbles on the upper surface of part after vakuum casting
to silikon form.
material: Resin SG 95 MCP;
Part: Transparent cube 50*50*50 mm ;

Is anybody have this problem too? Is it usually for this type of
Thank you for attention.
Best regards,
Andrey Falaleev
BIBA, Bremer Institut für Betriebstechnik und angewandte
Arbeitswissenschafr an der Universität Bremen,
Hochschulring 20, D28359 Bremen

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