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From: Doug Groh (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 02:38:54 EEST


Recently, a friend of mine was forced to gain grey iron capacity at his formerly copper bronze and aluminum foundry. He was in the middle of doing patterns and castings for the 100 year anniversary Ford quadricycle replica. He had outsourced all his grey iron castings to a source that closed in the middle of the project. He acquired all the equipment and finished the castings in house. I am not sure if he can help you. He is located in Warren Michigan, at 32800 Mound Road near 14 mile Rd. Warren Alloy is the Company name. Jim matson is the Owner. His phone number is (586) 977-5970.
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     Hi All,My normal supplier for prototype ductile iron castings has closed shop.Any recommendations?
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