AW: Slice parts for LOM with other software tools

From: Ralf Paehl (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 13:38:31 EEST

Dear Alf,

yes, we are slicing with the Magics slicer. We are slicing our parts for a
Modelmaker II, but I think that doesn´t matter. We have a special tool for
postprocessing the sliced files for the machine, for instant creating
support structures etc. The magics slicer really works fine and absolutely
reliable, it is really worth its money. But I guess, hatching and other
LOM-typical things must be done separately in a LOM postprocessor? As far as
I know the slicer just delivers geometric data (slc-files).

Best regards,

Ralf Paehl


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Betreff: Slice parts for LOM with other software tools

  Dear list,
  does anybody has experience in slicing LOM parts (especially for LOM 1015)
with other software tools like Magics for instant?


  Alf Jahn

  Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle
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