RFQ - Pewter Goblet Set

From: Revolution Laboratories (revlabs@msn.com)
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 20:23:56 EET


Hello all.  I have a client looking for manufacture of a new wine cup set.  His original concept was to produce them out of Pewter.  If this is not possible he is open to other metals.  The set also includes a glass vase with pewter (or other ?) trim.  Is there anyone out there with experience in these materials? 

I have a drawing that was done on 3D-max, but the original file was corrupted.  Is it possible to get initial quotes based off of this picture or should I have the file remade? 

The picture shows 3 components, a large cup, smaller cups and a glass vase (holder).  We would be looking at initial production of 1000 of the large cup (and 1000 of the vase if possible) and 6000 of the small cups.

If interested please contact me and I will send the picture.


David Rine

Revolution Laboratories, Inc.




P.S.  I have not received any RP mail all day.  I am usually drowning in them.  Has something technical gone awry?


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