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Date: Wed Oct 30 2002 - 19:08:20 EET

Dear Rick,

If you operate a standard DPSS Lasers Inc. solid state laser on a standard
SLA-250, you will obtain a spot size at the vat of approx. 4 mil. It is not
3 mil, but it might be able to make the parts you desire. I would recommend
you talk with current users of our DPSS laser on their SLA-250 to determine
what can actually be done. A partial list of these SLA-250 users with the
small spot in the United States would include...

Scimitar (2 systems)
Molex (2 systems)
3M (1 system)
ARRK San Diego (3 systems)
Solid Concepts (1 system)
Synergy Systems (1 system)
Technology Assessment (1 system)
Pure Fluid Magic (2 systems)

Our solid state laser can also produce the standard spot size at the vat of
8 mil.

If you need any help in contacting any of the above users, please do not
hesitate to call.

Best Regards,
Alex Laymon
President, DPSS Lasers Inc.
phone-408-298-7755, fax-408-298-7722, email -

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Hello list,

I've heard talk of a fine laser beam for RP. Is anyone running a
machine with a maximum beam diameter of .003"?

Thanks in advance

Rick Harrington

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