Rhino News: Rhino 3.0 beta available

From: Bob McNeel (bob@mcneel.com)
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 02:33:58 EET

Rhino 3.0 beta available

  Rhino 2.0 registered users are invited to
  download the Rhino 3.0 beta edition. We are
  looking forward to your feedback.

  Visit: http://www.rhino3d.com/beta

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy before 15-Dec-2002 to get a free 3.0 upgrade.

  You will be eligible to receive a free* Rhino 3.0
  upgrade, if:

    1. You purchase Rhino 2.0 or an upgrade to Rhino 2.0
       between 1-Oct-2002 and 15-Dec-2002.
    2. You register your Rhino 2.0 before 15-Jan-2003.
    3. And, you keep your purchase receipt for Rhino 2.0.
       (You'll need a copy when you order your free upgrade.)

     *Shipping costs to Asia or Latin America may apply.

   To order Rhino 2.0, visit: http://www.rhino3d.com/sales.htm

MeshWorks for Rhino announced

    MeshWorks from Floating Point Solutions adds a variety
    of mesh manipulation and STL repair tools to Rhino.

    Visit: http://www.fpsols.com/meshworks_rh.html

SimpleNC for Rhino announced

    Graphic Products North America announces the release of
    SimpleNC Standard & Professional with direct file loading
    of Rhino files for 3-axis milling of molds, dies, desktop
    modeling and rapid prototyping applications.

    Visit: http://www.simplenc.com/

RhinoCAM announced

  MecSoft is bundling Rhino and their high-end
  Visual Mill 4.0 into a promotional bundle
  called RhinoCAM for US$1,495, or US$995 for
  existing Rhino users.

  For details visit: http://www.mecsoft.com/rhinocam.htm

CATIA direct into Rhino

  DATAKIT (www.datakit.com) has just released a Rhino
  plug-in that reads native CATIA files directly into Rhino.

  For details, e-mail Francis Cadin (fcadin@datakit.com)
                      or call +33 7 68 79 07 67

Mastercam adds direct support in Rhino

  CNC Software announced Mastercam Direct for
  Rhinoceros (Rhino). With this free Rhino plug-in,
  users can now launch Mastercam directly from within Rhino,
  loading the current model into Mastercam so tool paths
  can be produced.

  Visit: http://www.mastercam.com/camzone/newszone/Rhino.asp

  - Bob

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