RE: Stratasys Super Slow?

From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 18:54:09 EET

Interesting method of quantifying output.


So why don't you switch to Glass Filled material for SLS.
Then you can increase your output by . . let's see . .how much more dense is
it . . . 40%

1.4KG per day.

Seriously though, I would love to hear more people's input on the FDM's
capabilities and speed. (or lack there of)

Scott Tilton

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Judging from the banter going round on Stratasys' quarterly results, the
main complaint about their product seems to be speed. Just how slow is the
FDM process? As comparison, I usually figure my old sla500's can kick out
roughly 2 kg per day, an sla250 maybe a half kg per day, and an sls2000
maybe 1 kg per day. Any other gripes regarding FDM? .... reliability? ....
maintenance? ....cost? What about the positive aspects? Thanks for
your input!

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