Re: Stratasys Super Slow?

From: Andrew Miller (
Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 21:30:10 EET

Okay so we've got an old machine.... a 1650 aquired as part of the assests
of another company we bought Speed I can't coment's slow
but but hey wadda ya gonna still gags faster than carving one by
hand out of soap...

for big stuff (better than 4-6" cubed)...It's a nice hands-off I'll be ready
tomorrow morning kind of machine....for the wee bits...not so good...

If you're looking for fine feature detail or smooth finish...nope not your

If you need a _funtional_ differential housing for a 73 ford ...It's the
right technology.


Simple machine easy to service
No vat of sticky goo.
No laser!
Strong functional part
Materials are reasonable price
decent demensional acuracy


Rough surface texture
No Fine features
not so good for wee parts (which we do a lot of)

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