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Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 21:44:02 EET

We came very close to purchasing a Stratasys machine but did not go though
with it because of the speed issue. It did not fit our economic model not
becasue of the time to run the part, we could have made that work. My worry
was that if you needed to RERUN the part we would not have time. With our
somewhat non-standard application, and it being our first machine, I did
not want to get into the postion of promising a model without backup time to
rerun a part if we screwed it up, or we had a crash etc,... For our test
part, that put our promise date almost a week from completion of good data.
We purchased the ZCorp becasue the rerun was same or next day.

That being said, I remain very impressed with the part quality of the
Stratasys machines, particularly with the watersoluble support as opposed to
the breakaway. I think the integration of a really good "sheller" like
Magics or even StlEditor could really make the machine work for some other
processes where the parts allow hollowing. Also I have to support their
move into the $30K market which I think is critical for the industry. If
their financials are good, I hope it is in part because of this move, as it
would support the "lower cost machine with recurring revenues from
materials" buisness model. I hope Z Corp will indicate similar results
(although as they are privately held, they are under no obligation to do
so!) If two manufacturers are sucessful at this price point I think it will
be meaningful.

Best wishes


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Interesting method of quantifying output.


So why don't you switch to Glass Filled material for SLS.
Then you can increase your output by . . let's see . .how much more dense is
it . . . 40%

1.4KG per day.

Seriously though, I would love to hear more people's input on the FDM's
capabilities and speed. (or lack there of)

Scott Tilton

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Judging from the banter going round on Stratasys' quarterly results, the
main complaint about their product seems to be speed. Just how slow is the
FDM process? As comparison, I usually figure my old sla500's can kick out
roughly 2 kg per day, an sla250 maybe a half kg per day, and an sls2000
maybe 1 kg per day. Any other gripes regarding FDM? .... reliability? ....
maintenance? ....cost? What about the positive aspects? Thanks for
your input!

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