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when replying to your email it bounces back to me with a message stating
that your address has fatal errors, this is the message

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could you verify your email address or answer from a differente one to me ?

we do sand and wax castings of non ferrous metals, I believe we can be of

send me your STL and metal speecs and we will send a proposal to you



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  Dear List,

  I have a client that needs a small, cast, motorcycle engine manifold. Due
to the irregular core shape it will require a soluable or collapsable core.
The projected quantity is 250 per year with other parts likely to follow if
the cost is right. The material should be an aluminum alloy. An STL file
is available upon request to anyone that is interested. Please respond to
me off line.

  Thanks in advance,
  Douglas A. VanPutte
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