Speed of Machines

From: Kumi Limited (simon.graham@kumi-solutions.com)
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 16:14:04 EET

Dear RP World

The debate about speed is still running then?

I have been involved in selling RP equipment for the last 9 years and have
sold a range of machines from the slowest to the fastest and even the
biggest. I have yet to sell a machine where speed was the major factor in
winning the sale. Its all about satisfying the customer need. What is good
for one is not always good for another.

In 1814 George Stephenson built the first steam locomotive to run on smooth
rails and in doing so revolutionised the speed of coal transport to the
docks. Around the same time US Navy commander Oliver Perry directed a
battle from a rowing boat! It wasn't the fastest thing around but it
satisfied his need and he defeated the British at their own game.

Is there anything else we can discuss that is new, like Direct2metal parts?


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