RE: problems with lightyear (sla)

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Date: Mon Nov 04 2002 - 20:20:38 EET

RE: problems with lightyear (sla)

You need to watch your memory utilization, particularly when you are editing supports. Lightyear will continually utilize and lock memory space while you are editing supports, only to free it up again when you completely exit the Lightyear program.

If you monitor your resources, you can exit the program before it crashes. I always save my supports and regions after every change I make. Even with 2 Gigs of memory on my XP computer, there are plenty of times that is not enough to finish editing supports.

I have reported this problem to 3D on several occasions, but I do not know if there is any work being done to rectify the issue.

What error are you getting when the slice aborts?


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Subject: problems with lightyear (sla)

Hi rp´s
i´m having problems with lightyear when preparing platforms,
when i do "custom draw " of supports sometimes there is an
error and windows xp close the software , other times the error
happens when i do "slice".
I´ve checked the hardware of the computer , install lightyear
again  and i can not fix this problem , any good ideas ???

Thanks in advance for your help
Armando Alves

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