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Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 15:47:11 EET


we are working with a modela machine and 3D Engrave software to produce 3d
images from grey scale images, unfortunately it does require a lot of work,
we tryied befor Type3 too and it si almost the same amount of work to
prepare the gray image in to gray scale layers but a lot more expensive,
later on we move to Artcam with the help of a specialized shop where they
invested a subtantial amount of time to produce it, and it came out to be
very expensive too to produce the solid image.

I have not tryied 3D Descartes but it looks like there is no easy way to get
this grey scale images conveted to 3d solid images without a LOT of cad
manipulation work.

So if you find an easeier way to process 2D gray or color images to create
3d solid images (Coin like) in a few minutes, please send me some tips I
will greatly appreciate them.

Without the intent of an AD.. but something we are doing now and just about
to launch a web site ( and they will be
up on the WWW by the end of this week) is Lithopanes from color or B&W
images, this is by far a lot easier and nice to see through the light.
The process is similar to build the 3d image but the darkest color gets no
machining and the white color gets the deepest machining, so when lighted
from behind the thick material produce dark color and the thinest machining
produce light color.

we are doing lighted frames,key rings, nigth lights and some other articles
that exhibit the lithopanes images for decoration, we can even give them
color so it looks like a glass color frame but smaler and acrylic made.

I have several pictures and samples about it if you which I can send you
some pictures.

best regards.

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Does anybody have any results from this process?

Doug Groh
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> Dear Yasu,
> The latest version of DeskArtes 3Data Expert can generate 3D triangles
> from images (.tif, .jpg, .bmp, .rgb, .pic, .ras, .png). After triangle
> generation the model can be scaled to reflect the wanted z-range. You
> can download the software from
> Best regards,
> Ismo Ma"kela"
> yasu taka wrote:
> >Hi all
> >I seen the gray scale image which can generate 3D relief
> >easily.
> >
> >I was very interested but its'the hi-rez gray scale images
> >and not the software to make the images.
> >
> >for example:
> >white=5.00mm
> >black=0.00mm
> >gray =0.01-4.99mm
> >Aren't there any someone
> >found in the software which made transforming color into
> >height?
> >thanks,
> >
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