RE: What is the meaning of UL 94 V0

From: Bob Olsen (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 16:36:14 EET

Bruce, I'm not an expert, but it is a UL test that in general rates a
materials ability to extinguish itself after its ignited. You subject
materials to flame for two 10 second intervals.

To pass the test, the resin, in a vertical (V) position has to stop burning
after 10 seconds with no (i.e. 0 ) drips. A resin has to be rated at a
paticular wall thickness (ie, 94VO @ .125"), and color or additives can
affect the rating. Regards, Bob

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> what does the UL94 V0 actually stand for and is a material
> that is UL 94 as fire retardant and one with the V0 attached.
> Thanks bruce Baresel

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