RE: Experiences using 3d Si resins

From: JP Harrison (
Date: Fri Nov 08 2002 - 23:38:34 EET

Or for large flats and trapped volumes you could also use a single sweep at
.7 unit/sec. I have gone down to .5 unit/sec on a single sweep on the
sla500 and sla5000.

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  To avoid bubbles on large flat surfaces, do multiple re-coats for those
flat sections and set the speed of the zephyr to 1 unit/sec.

  Increased build time, is the drawback.

  Hope that's helpful.


  At 10:28 AM 11/8/02 +0000, Armando Alves wrote:

    dear David and dear list,

    i´m running AccuGen and AccuDur materials on my viper and i
    think the major problem of the material is Bubbles , they
    appear during the build and you can see them on the part ( on
    the inside and sometimes on the surface ) , this affect the
    surface quality of the final part.
    i´ve tried everything to get ride of bubbles but i´m not suceed
    every build.
    I don´t know if others materials have the same problem or not.
    Besides this i´m satisfied with the material.

    Citando A Leask <>:

    } Has anyone out there got any experience using the 3d
    } Si resins? Accura si
    } 10, 20, 30 and 40 are the ones that we are being
    } offered. What do people
    } think about the accuracy and durability of these
    } resins? What applications
    } are they being used in? How do they compare to the
    } Somos and Vantico resins?
    } Any help would be appreciated - I'm sure that this'll
    } stir a fierce debate.
    } Regards,
    } David Smith
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