If you looking for a full service Prototyping provider this is the one...

From: Darryl Cummins (darryl@lasermod.com)
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 19:55:03 EET

We offer various different RP services to help you go from concept to
product fast and inexpensive. With over 10 years of RP experience Laser
Modeling is dedicated to quality and highly accurate RP parts. With a large
capacity shop we can keep your projects on time. Here is a quick overview of
our services. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
anytime either phone or email.

LMI - a full service rapid prototyping provider.

  a.. Solid modeling
  b.. StereoLithography models and patterns using Dupont somos and Vantico
materials. RTV silicone rubber molding Urethane casting various
different materials and derometers. UL rated materials.
  c.. RIM molding
  d.. Plastic CNC machining
  e.. Aluminum plaster casting
  f.. Plastic injection molding
  g.. Cad Services
  h.. Overnight shipping using Fed X or UPS
  i.. Competitive quoting

Laser Modeling Inc

Darryl Cummins

(847) 534 0662 phone

(847) 534 0664

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