3d CMM to measure intake manifold?? how much?

From: Tim Goddard (TGoddard@DStarEngineering.com)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 01:09:54 EET

I could do this manually, with a set of verniers, snap gauges, and
micrometers...... BUT, is it cost prohibitive on a homegrown project to
try and get this done? For those that want to know detail, this would
be for fans of the vw 16v, where the 50mm intake is somewhat of a hard
find and costly, why couldn't I basically slightly modify and design
something that would bolt right in and have the enlarged air
passageways. Plus it would be cool to do...

So in order to speed up determining the planes for mounting,,,I'm asking
this question (all i would really need would be the angles and positions
of the mounting surfaces with the holes w/r/t the two ends)

3d CMM to measure intake manifold?? how much?
-Tim G

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