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Hopefully they are spammer's that got tired of us not taking the bait....
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As a matter of interest, with all these people requesting to be removed from the RPML, where are they going?
Are they leaving the RP field?
Do they feel this avenue is of no value?
Have they found a better forum on the web?
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For those who are interested, taken from the RPML web site ( <> ):
"...How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to this list?
It is very simple. Just send a message to The message should contain the line "subscribe rp-ml" or "unsubscribe rp-ml", optionally followed by your e-mail address, eg. "unsubscribe rp-ml me@here".
If you specify an address different from the one in your mail headers, you may run into difficulties later if you wish to unsubscribe to the list. Therefore it is not recommended to use the email address in your subscription message unless it is absolutely necessary. In most cases your mail headers will have the correct address and there's no need to fiddle with it..."
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