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Isn't that one line from an old song, "I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't
know when I'll be back again..."
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> Do they feel this avenue is of no value?

This is Major Adib Humbala. I feel you have a varry valid point in case of
your point. We have many monies in a bank account to help my brother. The
moniey was saved in the First Podunk bank in Nambia but now at McDonalds in
Switzerland. My brother got on a jet plane, don't no wen he be back agan.
We have much muney saved in bank accout for his new internet busness. He
has co-ed girls and web cameras. It is hope of his that you will subskribe
and also for his sake, be a courier for his money. But, he need a small
deposit of $15,000 and your passport mailt to him and me. This is urgent in
need of your helps. Please e-mail me direkly for your help.
Hmmm. Wonder why they don't want to get mail from this forum?
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