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From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 00:16:53 EET

Oh my God. David Leigh, you are in the wrong field of work.
That was the funniest thing I've read all week!
You do have a good point though.
I have to wonder why there isn't a little more security on this list.
The best list I belong to does not allow attachments but will allow
Also, its major domo server is set to not allow people to obtain lists of
WHO is subscribed to the list.
How do you think I found out that 1766 people were subscribed?
I have all your e-mail addresses now.
If I were a bad, bad e-marketer . .I could sell them to someone.
Let's see . there are
29 people from
(And 4 still left over from DTM-corp)
16 from
10 from Solidconcepts
9 from Z corp
5 from Sanders / sandersprototype
3 from stratasys
Of course there might be more who are undercover
The 62 AOL'ers
Or 92 HOTMAIL'ers might be harboring some people who belong in the above
my favorites are 12 folks with very cool looking names from
Netherlands maybe?
Despite the spam . .I like this list.
I'm not going anywhere any time soon.
Scott Tilton
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Subject: RE: Remove (Why?)
> Do they feel this avenue is of no value?

This is Major Adib Humbala. I feel you have a varry valid point in case of
your point. We have many monies in a bank account to help my brother. The
moniey was saved in the First Podunk bank in Nambia but now at McDonalds in
Switzerland. My brother got on a jet plane, don't no wen he be back agan.
We have much muney saved in bank accout for his new internet busness. He
has co-ed girls and web cameras. It is hope of his that you will subskribe
and also for his sake, be a courier for his money. But, he need a small
deposit of $15,000 and your passport mailt to him and me. This is urgent in
need of your helps. Please e-mail me direkly for your help.
Hmmm. Wonder why they don't want to get mail from this forum?
David K. Leigh (254) 933-1000
Harvest Technologies, Inc. fax (254) 298-0125
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