Re: Stratasys - SPT - Slow Prototyping

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Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 13:44:19 EET

Your message is clear Kiran.

We run a FDM Titan (PolyCarbonate) machine for service in Europe and is running almost continiously. With your opinion in mind, guess the former SLS customers for wich we are building parts for the last half year must be all complete fools!

Should your reply be taken seriously of has it somewhat to do with your monday-morning-feelings?


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  Subject: Stratasys - SPT - Slow Prototyping

  Saw a lot of mails on FDM & slowness etc.

  I do not know how long this Glue making like
  technology will survive. I hope till the the time they
  find new customers everytime ?

  If real comparison with SLA/SLS with FDM wanted, then
  ask users of both the techology. For only FDM users,
  it is definitely great machine.

  For me Stratasys is just imitating 3D Systems, all
  their news article, etc. This is the company which
  talks about % all the time, everything put in %, looks
  good. FDM Quantum is 50 % faster, Maxum is 50 % faster
  than Quantum, etc. Just recently they talked abot high
  resolution wire or so, without mentioning any

  Kiran Shastry

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