RE: Stratasys - SPT - Slow Prototyping

Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 18:40:59 EET

Dear Mr. Shastry:

Stratasys has introduced a 0.005" slice for its Maxum, which has improved
the accuracy and finish. Interestingly, the first thing a prospective
customer or user does to validate accuracy claims is measuring all
geometries (surface flatness, hole and pin diameters, straightness of thin
walls, long wall sections, and longest distance between points)on a CMM.
The FDM part, especially with the new 5 slice measure very well. Thin
sections are not affected by humidity or light making FDM parts
geometrically stable over months as well as years. Other systems in its
product line will also be capable of the new higher accuracy/surface finish
capability in the very near future. Other improvements have been made in
down facing surfaces (support to build boundaries) to where they are as good
a up-facing surfaces.
With regards to speed, it all depends on how you classify speed. Pure
machine build speed is, hands-down, the best with the SLA 7000. However,
most people consider speed on how fast a part can be in the hands of the
requestor (from .stl to delivery of a part). With the FDM process there is
no need to cure a part to harden it. With the FDM process there is no need
to go through long system heat ups and cool downs. When the part is done,
it can be removed from the system and supports immediately can be taken off.
Further improvements have been made in support structure build strategies to
reduce the amount of material used thus improving speed. Finally, a "sparse
fill" techniques can be implemented, especially on thick-walled parts, to
reduce the amount of material used thus, again, improving speed. The
internal filling lattice can be defined by the operator.

Price performance is another measure a lot of people consider. You might
want to consider that three Titans can be purchased for less that one SLA
7000. You might want to consider what it will cost to create a facility to
run the SLA of SLS system. The FDM system run in an office environment.

The bottom line is that every RP sytem in the market place does have its
strengths and weaknesses. I do hope this gives you a better picture on some
of the merits of the FDM process.

If you would like to further discuss some of the new features that can be
found in the FDM process, please contact Andrew Tsui, Asia Manager for


Jerry Lehr
Central Region Manager
Stratasys, Inc.

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Dear Sir,

This is not Monday morning feelings.

You said it, you slow machine has to run continously.
But this is surprising SLS customers happy with FDM
parts ?

Can somebody tell me any contribution from FDM in last
2 years in increasing accuracy/finish etc ? In
discrete terms.

 --- JB Ventures BV <> wrote: > Your
message is clear Kiran.
> We run a FDM Titan (PolyCarbonate) machine for
> service in Europe and is running almost
> continiously. With your opinion in mind, guess the
> former SLS customers for wich we are building parts
> for the last half year must be all complete fools!
> Should your reply be taken seriously of has it
> somewhat to do with your monday-mornin-feelings?
> Regards,
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> From: Kiran Shastry
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> Subject: Stratasys - SPT - Slow Prototyping
> List,
> Saw a lot of mails on FDM & slowness etc.
> I do not know how long this Glue making like
> technology will survive. I hope till the the time
> they
> find new customers everytime ?
> If real comparison with SLA/SLS with FDM wanted,
> then
> ask users of both the techology. For only FDM
> users,
> it is definitely great machine.
> For me Stratasys is just imitating 3D Systems, all
> their news article, etc. This is the company which
> talks about % all the time, everything put in %,
> looks
> good. FDM Quantum is 50 % faster, Maxum is 50 %
> faster
> than Quantum, etc. Just recently they talked abot
> high
> resolution wire or so, without mentioning any
> dimensions.
> Kiran Shastry
> Singapore
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