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Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 22:51:50 EET

The first thing I would check is the optics above your vat. There may have been an incident that has fouled it. A splash, a bad cleaning job or just dust settling can scatter the beam enough to produce this symptom in a given area of the vat. As far as your profiler, that is a strange one. It's usually the back one that is blocked by the leveler housing. However, this may be a symptom of the same problem. If the beam is obstructed by some kind of gunk (real technical huh) on the chamber optic it could interperate that as what it is, a blockage. If this doesn't work you need to call a Witchdoctor so he can take that wicked curse of your machine<g>.

Paul Jaeger
Liquid Plastic Solutions
Ft. Lupton Colorado
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  We have a 2 year old 250 running 10110 resin. 5500 hours on the laser. Currently running at 20mw. Out of the blue, we're getting bad parts. No warnings -- from good parts to bad. Here's how I describe it: As you're facing the machine, the left and rear of the parts are very rough. The right and front sides are acceptable. When I build a round post in a vertical fashion, the 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock quadrants are rough. It is as if the hatch fill is over shooting the border on the left and rear sides only. FYI -- Throughout the life of the machine, we have noticed a beep and a message that says "Profiler #2 is blocked". (Our past maintenance guy has looked at but never replaced it. We have a new contract with a new service.) But on recent builds, this might happen 2-3 times in a row. The profiler appears clean upon close examination. Any ideas on a solution?
  Thanks in advance.

  Dave B

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