Re: FDM Speed - the speed of RP

From: Carl Dekker (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 15:58:13 EET

Nicely put!

Carl Dekker

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> Hi RP List
> I was very pleased to see Jerry Lehr putting forward a sound case for his
> product and having the foresight to know that his product, although very
> good doesn't always fit the bill.
> Having worked in the machine tool industry for 20 years and the last 9 in
> the RP world I find it hard to believe that the very people who have
> invested sweat, tears, time and money in RP machinery and in to providing
> good quality service to their customers are the very group who sit here
> in day out slinging arrows at their own kind. The RPML is not a closed
> for the elitist, anybody can join! So why don't we promote the industry
> instead of putting it down all the time.
> Simon

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