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From: Juha Suokas (juha.suokas@)
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 16:13:19 EET

Scott Tilton wrote:
> I guess whomever the list janitor is doesn't mind cleaning up after
> people who don't follow the directions.

Just for information 'cause there seems to be people on this list that
don't know the background:

This list was created in the Helsinki University of Technology Lahti
Centre years and years ago as a result of some research projects done in
the small but efficient department of RP, RE and 3D-CAD research. At
this point I have to confess that I also used to work there, so I'm
propably the wrong person to call us efficient... Anyway - our research
team lost it's funding a few years ago and since then this list has been
run after normal working hours as a private "hobby" by Hannu Kaikonen
a.k.a. Rapid Dude. When the bytes get too mixed up and the wires are
more than crossed unix-guru "Zaphod" gives the list his magic touch.

So the fact that rp-ml didn't die with our research lab is the result of
Hannus personal will and countless hours to keep the rp-ml going. The
list is nowadays also funded by Hannu personally...

Maybe someday there'll be a rp-ml history on the web, but until then
this'll have to do.

My humble thanks to Hannu!
Juha S.

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