RE: Stratasys - SPT - Slow Prototyping

From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 22:35:33 EET

Instead of extolling the virtues or shortcomings of one system versus
another . .I'll just ask a question instead.
I was reading this debate and then thinking about the post build cool down
times required for large SLS builds.
That powdered Duraform is a great thermal insulator, and it can take a big
partcake a LONG time to cool down.
(there's more to say about that cool down time issue, but I'll save it for
How does it work with FDM?
I assume the build chamber is also heated in an FDM machine to somewhere up
near the melting point of the material. True?
Is there a gradual, programmable cool down stage for a FDM with some sort of
convection currents to assure even cooling?
Do the parts suffer from warping problems because of thermal gradients?
I would guess that this is dependant on the specific part geometry.
Thin wall, solid mass . .mix of the two.
My thanks for the education I'm about to get.
Scott Tilton

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