Re: Stratasys - SPT - Slow Prototyping

From: Brandon R. Ferguson (
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 02:15:22 EET

Scott - some answers?:

The FDM Titan build envelope operates at 145 degrees C for the build.

I watched the StrataSys installation fella remove the part just as soon
as it was finished building. (wearing gloves). The Titan does not cool
down for you to remove the model. It has an energy saving setting where
the chamber temperature is maintained about 85 degrees C. It is about a
15 to 20 minute wait for the temp of the chamber to come up to
temperature for a build. From a cold start the warmup for the chamber is
45 minutes to 1 hour.

A new development regarding the WaterWorks (water soluable support) is
that ultrasonics are not as effective as maintaining about 120 degrees F
water temperature with circulation and areation. A detergent
specifically formulated for this accelerates the process.

The extrusion heads of the modeling and support material take about two
minutes to come to extrusion temperatures from the standby temperature -
a big change from the FDM 2000 technology.

I have not observed any warpage due to thermal gradients etc. but will
likely measure this on our CMM.

..... perhaps I shouldn't have entered the fray . . .

Brandon R. Ferguson

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