RP History Trail Blazers

From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 16:01:46 EET

At 08:22 AM 11/20/2002 +0200, Juha Suokas wrote:
>This was a solid proof that one of these days someone should write down a
>short history...

OK but the somebody is all of us... so........... under each year add your
contribution and return to me..


1989 First composite part made in SLA 250 Clemson University

1990 SLED- Stereolithography Editor at Clemson University
1990 Compensating for Dimensional Errors Encountered in Stereolithography
Clemson University
1990 First part made using Automated Support generation (CIDES) at Clemson
1991 Embedded Sensors in Stereolithographic Components Clemson University
1991 First CT Ear implant made using SLA Rich Binning Microcut Engineering
1993 Adaptive Slicing and Laminated Machining of Prototype Dies and Molds
Clemson University
1992 First CT to SLI Software Clemson University
1994 STL to VR File Conversion Clemson University
1994 Optimizing Multiple Placement to Reduce Build Time Clemson University
1994 Nurbs Offsetting Clemson University
1995 Design and Evaluation of A Selective Laser Sintering Process for
Enhanced Speed Through Variable Beam Spot Size Clemson University
1995 Processing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resins by 3-D Photolithography
Clemson University
1999 Angle Slicing Of STL File For Minimizing Stair Stepping Effects
Clemson University
1999 Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline Controller for Rapid Prototyping
Applications Clemson University

2000 Computer Aided Design Representation of Heterogeneous Solids Clemson
2000 Design of a Table with Three Degrees of Freedom for a
Stereolithography Apparatus Clemson University

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