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From: Christoph Pistor (pistorc@sbcglobal.net)
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 10:28:55 EET

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This has been possible for a number of years:

StlView v7.0

                            StlView is a Windows(Windows95, WindowsNT, Win32s)
Program and Full-Server that
                            allow you to analyze, fix and embed or link 3D
solid model inside or to the document
                            created inside your favorite word processor or
other software that supports OLE2.0
                            (MS Word, MS Excel, Write, Cardfile and etc.).

                            StlView allow you to view, analyze, Move, Copy,
Merge, Scale, Mirror, Fix Solids
                            Boundaries, make Boolean Operations between
Solids, that are imported in StlView
                            from ASCII or Binary STL (Stereolithographics) and
3DS (3D Studio) files, and to
                            export them to Binary or ASCII STL, DXF, IGES,
3DS, VRML and CLI files used in a
                            lot of CAD/CAM systems and Rapid Prototyping

                            During that conversion you can investigate solids
by creating orthogonal slices of the
                            solid and writing them to DXF or CLI format,
analyze 3D coordinates of separate
                            points and distances between them, calculate
volume properties, center of gravity,
                            surface area, and interactively change view
parameters, receiving different
                            perspective projection of your model. You can save
current projected bitmap images
                            as BMP files for inserting into other document or
print it, Copy current image and
                            Paste it to other Windows applications.

                            You can create Eggcrate Support structures for
Solids in your project to be used in
                            RP Manufacturing.

                            You can Scale Solids, transferring from MM to INCH
and back, as well as using other
                            scale factors.

                            Move, Copy, Mirror commands provide basic editing
operations, necessary to
                            position Solids in chosen Coordinate System.

                            Merge command allow to work with more than one
Solid simultaneously and provide
                            possibility of Boolean Operations between them.

                            Union, Subtraction and Intersection operations
allow you to create complicated
                            solids from merged primitives.

                            Fix Boundaries functionality, that includes:
automatic Filling Gaps, correcting
                            Triangles Directions, Fixing Topology and changing
Triangles Directions can
                            drastically decrease amount of work necessary to
correct distorted Solid Model.

                            Drag and Drop File feature provides simple and
convenient way of importing files to
                            StlView by dragging them from FileManager or

                            OLE 2.0 support allow to embed or link 3D solid
model inside or to the document
                            created inside word processor or other software
(MS Word, MS Excel, Write, Cardfile
                            and etc.). Security feature of StlView allows
password protect privacy of your
                            embedded design.

                            Very fast improved Shading technique (up to 100000
triangles per second,
                            depending on the hardware you are using), allow
dynamically "play around" solids,
                            using convenient interface.

                            Very fast improved algorithm of STL reading allow
you to read incredibly large STL
                            files, size of which are only limited by virtual
memory of your system. To reduce time
                            of possible next loading of your STL you can save
it in internal SOL format, that is
                            2.5 times less space consuming, so next time
loading of it will be faster and you can
                            save your hard drive space.

                            StlView is supported for Windows 3.1 with Win32s,
Windows95, and Windows NT.

                            You can download StlView as well as some other STL
related products from the
                            following sites

                                  ftp://ftp.cyberware.com/pub/stlview - USA,
                                  http://avalon.viewpoint.com/ - USA, Italy
and Prague
                                  CompuServe: ACAD forum, Modeling Section
(search STL)
                                  CompuServe: LEAP forum, Rapid Prototyping
      System Requirements
                            StlView is supported for Windows 3.1 with Win32s
installed, Windows95, and Windows
     Step-by-Step Installation
                            After, you've downloaded file STLVIEW7.ZIP, Create
Empty Directory and UNZIP this
                            archive using PKUNZIP with -D switch

                            Two directories \DISK1 and \DISK2 will be created.
Prepare two empty formatted
                            disks and copy \DISK1 onto first one and \DISK 2
onto second one. Label: DISK1 -
                            "StlView v7.0 Setup Disk1"; DISK2 - "StlView v7.0
Setup Disk2"

                            From ProgramManager, or FileManager, or Explorer
run \DISK1\SETUP.EXE. In case
                            of SETUP problems -- read README .TXT located on
     Shareware Restrictions
                            Users of Shareware Version of StlView must accept
this disclaimer of warranty:

                                  Shareware Version of StlView is supplied as
is. The author disclaims all
                                  warranties, expressed or implied, including,
without limitation, the warranties
                                  of merchantability and of fitness for any
purpose. The author assumes no
                                  liability for damages, direct or
consequential, which may result from the use
                                  of Shareware Version of StlView.
                                  Shareware Version of StlView is a "shareware
program" and is provided at no
                                  charge to the user for evaluation. Feel free
to share it with your friends, but
                                  please do not give it away altered or as
part of another system.
                                  The essence of "user-supported" software is
to provide personal computer
                                  users with quality software without high
prices, and yet to provide incentive
                                  for programmers to continue to develop new
                                  If you find this program useful and find
that you are using Shareware Version
                                  of StlView and continue to use Shareware
Version of StlView after a
                                  reasonable 2 week trial period, you must
make a registration payment
                                  described below. The registration fee will
license one copy for use on any
                                  one computer at any one time.
                                  Anyone distributing Shareware Version of
StlView for any kind of
                                  remuneration must first contact Igor
G.Tebelev at the address below for
                                  You are encouraged to pass a copy of
Shareware Version of StlView along
                                  to your friends for evaluation. Please
encourage them to register their copy if
                                  they find that they can use it.
                            If you find this program useful and continue to
use Shareware Version of StlView
                            after a reasonable 2 week trial period, you must
make a registration payment
                            described below.

                            To register StlView send check or money order on
the amount of $490.00 USD to:

                                     Igor G.Tebelev PO BOX 4491 Palos Verdes,
CA 90274, USA

                            or make a wire transfer to the following account:

                                     WELLS FARGO BANK, Los Angeles; Account:

                                             Name on the account: Igor G.

                            While doing wire transfer, please, notify by mail,
email or phone and provide
                            coordinates to send registered version to.

                            Registered version will be mailed or Emailed to
the customer next business day your
                            payments received.

                            All registered users will receive a registered
copy of StlView without any restrictions
                            in Saving capabilities, as well as they will
support my future STL and CAD
              StlView v7.0
                            Press to Download
     StlView ActiveX Control

    StlView NetScape Plug-In
                            Press to get more info and Download

                            Press to get more info and Download
             StlTools v2.0
                            Press to get more info and Download
              StlView v6.0
                            Press to Download
              StlView v5.0
                            Press to Download

Igor G.Tebelev, PO BOX 4491, Palos Verdes, CA, 90274, CompuServe: 75034,533,
phone: (310) 541-1042
WWW:http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/igort; Email:

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David_Yarnell@dynacept.com wrote:

> Does anyone know of a software that will compress and imbed a STL file into
> a word or excel document, so that the STL can be viewed and rotated as a 3d
> model within the document?
> Thanks,
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