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We just went through a CAM eval phase. We felt we needed a more general
purpose CAM than we were using. We settled on Visual Mill 4.0, which is a
tremendous deal especially if you own or want to buy a seat of Rhino or
several other CAD programs that they bundle with. A real bargain is that
the fully functional, Visual Mill 3.0 which does just raster milling,
constant Z, is free (until this spring at least!). You can see if it will
read the stl files ok. 3.0 read our stl's just fine, 4.0 just arrived in
the mail yesterday so I am playing with it today!

url is

Best Wishes.

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  Hi Carlos,
                  WorkNc is one of them, can read STL quite effectively.

  Best Regards,

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> Hi all
> We are currently evaluating MAGICS TOOLING for creating prototype tools
> our CAM software canīt read the STL mesh.
> Could anyone tell me which CAM software can read this mesh and mill over
> Thanks all.
> Carlos Ferreira
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