Objet Response

From: Dror Danai (Dror_Danai@2objet.com)
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 13:34:46 EET

To all RP Members,
I understand that an email with a "Greeting Card" attachment was sent from my email address to some of you. Neither the email nor its attachment was sent with my knowledge.
The email was sent by a virus, which I believe is known as the "friends greeting" virus. When the attachment is opened the virus goes into one's computer, adopting one's email lists and sends virus-bearing attachments to all the people on the mail list.
Please accept my sincere apologies if any damage was done by the transfer of the friend greeting virus. I myself received the virus via an email and greeting card attachment from an associate company with which I have worked for a number of years. I opened the attachment myself, obviously having no idea that the greeting card bore a virus. I would certainly not have forwarded one on!
To those who jumped to the conclusion that the "greeting card" email was part of an "industrial espionage" plan on the part of Objet Geometries, this is not the way Objet works. We are a respectable company that brings our solutions to many of you. Objet believes that all of us in the RP community should act with the highest levels of integrity. Here at Objet we maintain this integrity, not only internally, but also with the relations we share with each and every user of the Objet RP systems.
John, since you declined to identify yourself or the company you represent in your email response, we are taking this opportunity to cordially invite you to visit us at Euromold (Hall 9.1 Booth A60) next week or in our December 11th open house in Detroit. You can see and be accordingly impressed by our advanced technologies for yourself.
Best regards to all of you. We are looking forward to seeing you next week at EuroMold or in Detroit in December.
Dror Danai
VP Marketing & Business Development
Objet Geometries Ltd.
P.S. If you received and opened the greeting card and have a doubt as to whether or not you were infected by the virus, you can go to the following website for an anti virus solution to the problem:
It might be an idea to repeat this process twice to check that you have got rid of the bug.
Objet Geometries Inc. (North America)
Tanya Birchett, Tel. 908-228-5400, Email: Tanya_Birchett@2objet.com
Objet Geometries Europe S.A.
Tineke Van Aken, Tel. +32-2-717-6511, Email: Tineke_Van-Aken@2objet.com
Objet Geometries Ltd. (HQ and Rest Of World)
Daniel Cohen, Tel. +972-8-931-4314, Email: daniel_cohen@2objet.com

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