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Dear All,

The following piece of information has some relevance to the RPML. I
also have a .pdf file providing a better idea about the size of the
part, for those interested. We will be present at Euromold 2002, Hall
8.0, Booth N113a.

Sorry if the commercial aspect of this message is deemed inappropriate
by some or if it offends anyone. Constructive comments are always

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For Immediate Release: November 14, 2002

Largest Ever Metal Solid
Freeform-Fabrication Tool Created

ProMetal announces the largest metal part created using inkjet-type
3D-Printing technology. Employing its recently introduced R10 system,
which has a build volume of 1000 x 500 x 250 mm, ProMetal succeeded in
creating, for an undisclosed automotive manufacturer, a lost-foam tool
that measures 740 mm by 500 mm by 60 mm. The system is capable of
building even larger parts, up to the full dimensions of its build

The sheer size of this component is a first for the Irwin, PA rapid
production technology vendor, and a record in the rapid
production/prototype industry. "The R10 is the high end of our product
lineup (in mm R2: 200 x 200 x 150, R4: 400 x 400 x 250, R10: 1000 x 500
x 250), and offers a unique high build volume/high build rate combo. The
R10 proves that dual scalability in both build volume and build rate
inherent to 3DP technology is virtually unconstrained, paving the way
for future breakthroughs" Says Rick Dove, ProMetal's President.

About ProMetal:

ProMetal, a division of the Extrude Hone Corporation based in Irwin,
Pennsylvania, provides advanced rapid production equipment, technology,
materials, spot and contract production services, design consulting, and
process research. ProMetal’s agile rapid production services
revolutionize solid-freeform-fabrication (SFF) delivery of metal and
ceramic parts, tools, and finished goods.

The ProMetal 3D printing process is a breakthrough technology that
utilizes an ink-jet printing technique to create a three dimensional
object layer by layer using proprietary ProMetal formulations of metal
and ceramic powders and binders. Among the benefits of the ProMetal 3D
printing process are virtually unlimited design flexibility, complex
internal geometries, undercuts, overhangs, angled and curved passages,
and the opportunity to create countless other component features that
would be impossible to duplicate with traditional machining methods.
Applications include structural components, architectural detail,
one-of-a-kind products, conformal cooling, venting and new casting

ProMetal parent company Extrude Hone has over 40 years of experience in
non-traditional machining and advanced part finishing, and is a
respected provider of equipment, services, and consultation, supplying
the majority of the world’s largest manufacturers. Twenty-two locations
worldwide provide local finishing services, equipment, and sales
throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the USA.

ProMetal can be seen at the following Exhibitions:
EuroMold – December 4th-7th, 2002 (hall 8.0, stand N113), Frankfurt,
Germany The Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) – December 2nd-5th,
2002 (booth 352), Dallas Texas, USA

Contact Information:
USA: John Matechen,
Europe: Stéphane Morvan, Ph.D.,
Web Site:

Stéphane Morvan, Ph.D.
European Process Manager
GSM: +33-6-88-79-27-35
Main: +33-1-60-86-08-65
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