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From: Peter W. Rowe (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 18:10:45 EET

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>>We have a need to sandcast some small metal parts and were considering using
>>a ProCraft Sand Casting Set. Does anyone on the list have any experience
>>with this product or a similar product?
>>Al Hastbacka

It works, sorta. but sandcasting with such kits is pretty crude. You'll get
better results from another jewelery level kit sold for making items on the size
order of finger rings. Called the Delft Clay method, it differs by using a much
finer grained, oil tempered sand with almost the consistancy of clay. castings
from it are considerably better, and you could, if you need, build or jury rig a
larger frame. Many of the jewelery supply companies carry it, including Swest,
and I think, rio Grande. But frankly, why bother with sand? Send your models
to a decent caster, have silicone or vulcanized molds made, and from that, lost
wax castings. A good caster can eliminate the mold shrinkage, at least, by use
of the right silicone mold rubbers, and your castings will be far better.

Try Au Enterprises in Southfield michigan 1 (800) 559-CAST. They're primarily
jewelery casters, in precious metals, but can easily enough work with other
metals too.

Another good place to ask this question would be in the usenet newsgroup,
rec.crafts..metalworking, or on the Orchid mail list. that's a jewelery workers
list, accessable through the web site

Peter Rowe

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