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Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 19:08:58 EET

Try us.

Thoms Corp
696 Paine Road
North Attleboro MA 02760-4451

Thoms Corp is a manufacturer of prototype precision cast parts in ferrous alloys (3 weeks) including 4140, 316 SS and 17-4PH and nonferrous alloys (1 week) including A356 aluminum, 20C beryllium copper, Art Casters bronze and precious metals alloys. Send your zipped binary .stl files for rapid quotes.

Tel/Fax 508-316-1230


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  Used to use it frequently. We modified an old centrifugal casting arm to hold the assembled cope and drag in place of a casting flask. We'd get fairly good castings by using about 1 turn! If you warm it up in a kiln before casting (about 300 degrees, you can get better castings). I've heard that the Delft clay gives much finer results due to the finer grit of the sand used. Maybe you should look into it. (Delft Clay Sand Casting Kit, about $65). I guess it depends on what your needs are. For simple ingots for further processing, the coarse sand would be just fine. If you need much detail, the the delft clay or investment casting would be better.

  Jeffrey Everett
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    We have a need to sandcast some small metal parts and were considering using a ProCraft Sand Casting Set. Does anyone on the list have any experience with this product or a similar product?

    Al Hastbacka

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