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From: Charles Overy (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 03:29:44 EET

On the less espensive end there are some programs specifically oriented to
milling stl that have all been mentioned on the forum. - Deskproto Two versions crom about $300 to aabout
$1200 - a very simple Delcam program that does not
appear to still be under development about $200 I think

As you get into more full featured milling. - Visual Mill - free version (fits category above)
and full version
and industry standards like

And many many others listed here

What you chose will depend as much on your mill and your milling
requirements, your skill level with machine tools, and how often you want
to do this.

Best Wishes.


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  I would like to mill out portion of an .stl file. I believe I remember
some discussion of software that would do that easily. Thanks for the info.

  Stephen M Schmitt
  Tel Med Technologies
  San Antonio TX

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