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Email Blaster News delivery

The internet has become the official place to do business for the new millennium! More and more businesses are getting online to sell their products and services. Every day thousands of new websites are being created. Search engines are getting jammed with submissions to the point where it is almost impossible to get a good ranking anymore. This means finding alternative ways to let potential customers know about your internet presence. What is the answer?

Direct Email Blaster 

  • Built in SMTP server
  • Have Return Path
  • Can Check Mail Address
  • .......

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Maillist Verify
  • is intended for e-mail addresses and mail lists verifying. The main task is to determine which of addresses in the mail list are dead. 

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Email Address Extractor
  • email address collector program available.
  • Add your own URLs to the list to be searched
  • .......

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Email Address List Manager
  • Split up larger lists to make them more manageable.
  • Remove addresses from file.
  • .......

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