From: MR. JOHN.O. ABOH (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 13:54:16 EET


Attention Please,

May I take the privilege to introduce myself; I am the
son of Late Dr. John Karefa-Smart who was a renowned
politician of the republic of Sierra Leone in West
Africa. I presume you are aware when a group of rebel
soldiers led by Sir. Foday Sankoh overthrew the
Government of Sierra Leone forcing the President out
of power and killing a number of ministers including
some politicians.

After this political crisis, My Father went into exile
for safety due to pursuance from the present
government under the leadership of Alhaji Tijan Kabbah
who sees my father as an opposition to his corrupt
government. My father while in exile died, may his
soul rest in peace? Before his death, he had in his
possession a consignment containing a huge sum of US$15M
(Fifteen Million, United States Dollars). Which he
entrusted to me as his next of kin.

However, when it became apparently obvious that the
country was no longer safe for citizens due to
political crises as a result of massive killing and
destruction of properties, I deposited the funds with
a discrete Courier/Security company for further shipment
and safe-keeping to Europe while I flee to Nigeria as a
political refugee. The Courier/Security Company based
on my recommendation on that note can only release the
funds to you.

Meanwhile, I am soliciting for a reliable and trust
worthy person who will serve as the guardian/investor
of this fund, with whom I could plan the best way to
invest funds into a profitable business. And this is
why I decide to contact you with all hope that you
will help me achieve this dream. To show my
appreciation for your assistance in actualising this
business with me, I shall give you 25% of the total
money and 5% for miscellaneous expense while the
remaining 70% belong to me, which I intend to
re-invest into any profitable Business in your

Please, I need your entire support and co-operation
for the success of the business venture, your utmost
confidentially, sincerity and secrecy is highly
required, due to my family's present predicament.
Details of how I intend to carry out this project will
be discussed as soon as I get a response of your
willingness and interest. I sincerely will appreciate
your urgent acknowledgment as soon as possible by
contacting me on my direct Telephone number: +234 803 3049003

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Mr. John Aboh-SMART

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