Re: Machining was prototypes

From: Jeffrey Everett (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 02:11:48 EET

> What is the best wax to use ?

I use Ferris File-A-Wax, but regular machinable wax will work if you're not
milling micro-detail.

> Feeds and speed for end mils under.005" ?

Not important IMHO. Just get the chips out of the detail areas so they don't
compact. (2 flute bit or split cutter). Cutting direction does seem to have
an influence on compaction, though I haven't figured out if compaction is
occuring during climb or conventional cutting (or both).

> Type of coolant to use ?

No coolant unless you're machining deep and tiny details in which case the
wax chips tend to compact nastily, coolant helps in this case. I've heard of
people using kerosene, but don't leave it on the wax.

Wax is about the easiest material to mill outside of foam.

Jeffrey Everett

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