MIMICS-FEM interfacing

From: manak jain (mljain@lycos.com)
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 08:12:15 EET

Dear list,
I am a Ph. D. Student at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur India & facing a problem while doing the simulation of the imported file from MIMICS(human anatomy).
I conclude that the problem is coming with the FEM-modle created by the MIMICS S/W itself. As the fo6 & log file of patran telling that the problem is with the imported geometry.

I have tried the option in 3d modeling generation of MIMICS with custom option with different tolerances & of variational age angle, but with all generated geometry the patran is not satisfy.

I am requesting the list, that please help me in this connection particulary with the MATERIALISE people(kindly advice me that what kind of mesh & element they have generated) who are telling that MIMICS is suitable for FEM interfacing.

Thanks in advance for the same.

With best wishes,
(Ph.D. research Scholar IITK India)

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