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Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 21:53:03 EET

Another alternative to create quicker but still accurate builds also saves

Just hollow or shell the part in CAD to an acceptable wall thickness (This
depends on the purpose of the object) and export the shelled object. Drain
holes must be added at this time. Remember to build the necessary plugs to
fill the drain holes.

Use Lightyear to create the supports and prepare the hollow or shelled file
allowing the supports to be built inside the part. Buttress supports work
quite well for inside supports and will still drain adequately.

The resulting part is a heavy walled hollow shell that is accurate while
still building much faster than a solid and using much less resin.

For prototype parts that will be used for show only, I use this technique to
save time and resin.


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Armando, Mitxelena

It is possible, but depends on how much time you wish to spend on it.

You prepare your part as normal in LY, take the prepared part to Magics
or similar, cut the file where reqd, add the sections back to LY and
assign the styles using the original supports.

The problem is accuracy, as the different styles will all have
different amounts of shrinkage


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>>> Armando Alves <> 11/12/2002 16:02:53 >>>
Hi Mitxelena ,

it s not possible to do that , you can do with the same style
but with different layer thickness . For example :
Z=0 untill Z=10 Layer=0,1
Z=10 until Z=40 layer = 0,15
and soo on
you can not use 0,05 because that s only possible in high
resolution .
If tou have any more question contact me or Kevin Lilles ( , he works for 3D Systems and is a very
nice person , he will answer your questions.

happy to talk to you again

Armando Alves

Solidtech - Engenharia de Prototipagem Alves & Alves , LDA

Citando Mitxelena Fernandez Ibon <>:

} Hi everyone,
} Is it possible when using a stereolitography machine
} to pass from one build style to another on the same
} component? Let s say that on one surface I need high
} accuracy but the other surfaces are not so demanding in
} terms of accuracy. Could I built that surface using
} high resolution and then start bulding on quickcast?
} Besides, I guess that this would be much more
} cheeper?
} Best regards,
} Ibon Mitxelena
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